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I’ve been LOST.. ( feeling lost.. experiencing loss.. feeling weak that I couldn’t seem to “swim back up” after “changes” when I surfed back after major loss .. years ago..), doubting my resilience muscles..”sitting on the park bench”. (DA..da da..), whining to my inner circle .. making “deals” with God.. ( while apologizing for not really “believing”.. because “religion”.. not for me..) Now.. I am a “liberal’s liberal”, and a “tree hugger”.. ( bless those birds, bees, beasts and children.. I hum “I’d like to teach the world to sing..” as I skip down the street.... I am annoyingly liberal if you told me I would find my ANSWER TO “IT” ALL.. in a phrase from ANTON SCALIA ( godfather of all things I am opposed to ) .. I would have spit my organic blend coffee with hormone free non dairy creamer out .. mid sip....

BUT.. life is FULL of moments like this.. IF YOU “LISTEN” .. YOU WILL “HEAR”..

SCALIA AND RBG.. best of buds.. despite MAJOR value and philosophical differences .. whenever the weight of the difference of opinion got too great .. HE WOULD SAY TO SHE.. “GET OVER IT..”.. 😳. THREE WORDS.. how to survive in these times.. how to put things into to keep relationships from going south.. GET OVER IT.. “BUT.. I’m sad..” GET OVER IT.. “BUT.. my job is gone..” GET OVER IT.. “BUT.. you hurt my feelings ..”. GET OVER IT.. ( NOW.. PRO TIP..Never, ever FAIL TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE CRAP, 🤬 ( circumstances or emotions) that are causing the LOST, STUCK or SUCK.. but GET OVER IT.. ( having that tattooed on my BRAIN.. ready on the tip of my tongue..maybe even cross stitched on pillows ..YOU WANT TO “LIVE”? GET OVER IT.. ( if you want to just EXIST.. well.. Don’t..). YEP.. thanks “odd couple of the Supreme Court”.. your words have saved this UWS liberal “over thinker” ..❤️❤️#wordstoliveby #wordsofwisdom #rbg #theanswer #getoverit #moveforward #whatiknowforsure#uwsliberals #overthinker

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