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ONE WORD ..”LACK”.. (sleep, clarity, confidence, meaningful relationships, productivity.. joy.. ).

WHAT WE GAIN.. High cortisol, adult acne, insulin resistance, gut issues, low sex drive ..depression and ..LACK OF LIVING .. ( is a LIFE enough? NO...)

I won’t go into the ridiculous advice given ..( particularly to women..) “IF YOU LET GO OF YOUR CONTROL “ISSUES”.. “.. 😳. Our “CONTROL ISSUES” are GLUE right now .. ( come on..) We cannot just sit here and WAIT.. distracted by AMAZON PRIME, ordering stuff we shouldn’t be .. we don’t have room for .. WE HAVE TO TAKE ACTION.. HOW DO WE ACT WITHOUT “CONTROL”.. (we are so very attached to the outcome’s survival).

SHORT ANSWER .. CANNOT..we need to BELIEVE.. (HOPE.. “FAITH” IS NOT BLIND.. we cannot control.. but we can INFLUENCE .. STAY HEALTHY..(oatmeal instead of a bagel and a “smear”.. walk over subway (it’s kind of nasty down there “these” days ) STOP WITH THE SELF HELP ..STOP WITH THE ENDLESS NEWS REEL..

TWO WORDS ...”WHITE SPACE”.. ANXIETY DOES NOT EXIST IN STILLNESS.. (close your eyes .. breathe .. 4/7/8...30 times ..( that’s the number I use .. adjust according to how you feel..) Problems don’t go away .. we can’t ignore them .. we can engage in our biological response system to all this .. BREATHE. .. DEEP AND OFTEN.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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